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Spyware Protection

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How To Find Totally Free Spyware Removal Program And Avoid The Shams

by: Jason Frovich

The need for computer users to install Anti-Spyware programs becomes more and more evident each day, as more and more users experience problems caused by Spyware. The problems can be annoying, but essentially harmless, such as a slow downed computer or irritating pop-up windows. Unfortunately, the Spyware programs are capable of causing much more sever harm than that. Read more...

Does Your PC Have Worms?

by: Joel Walsh

Worms aren't just for dogs anymore. Find out how to inoculate your computer against these nasty parasites.

What Are Worms?

Worms are descended from viruses and are even nastier. Just as ever stronger doses of pesticide breed ever more resilient locusts, better and better anti-spyware software bred ever more devious viruses. Read more...

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